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Rose Tinted Ramblings

I’mmy son - see main text for all the reasons he makes me feel great a middle-aged mum of a teenage son.  I live in a large house in Mid Wales which also acts as my business; my partner John and I run a B&B from it.  I went to a grammar school got 9 o-levels, 3 a-levels and opted not to go to university.  I followed a career in accounting, that i was very good at but didn’t suit me at all, and used it to side step into recruitment, marketing and generally talking for a living.

These days I also use our home as a studio for my art and glass business (otherwise known as Pink Butterfly Glass & Art)

So far so normal.

Bog Frog with Stag party thisweekend - i really didn't think I'd be the only one wearing fancy dress (or clothes for that matter!)

Me, The Bog Frog with Stag party

From here on in I get a little weird (although I prefer “eccentric”).

My alter-ego "Lady lily of the Pink"

My alter-ego “Lady lily of the Pink”


I’m in Wales because John and I quit our middle management office jobs after a two-day holiday to a place chosen by sticking a pin in a map.  We visited Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid Wales and returned home to sell our house, hand in our notices and pull our 7yr old son out of school. We moved ourselves here lock stock and car transporter within 3 months of the initial visit.  Without a care in the world,much of a plan or a backward glance.

Tangerine Dream - Acrylic on Canvas

Tangerine Dream – Acrylic on Canvas

I decided I had “an artist in me” so started community art and stained glass classes and now that’s what I do.  I also run the B&B and do gardening work, the odd bit of bar work and the odd bit of waitressing and anything else that might present itself.  For a while I ran a craft shop called In the Pink.

I L O V E people who ‘don’t fit into a box’ , eccentrics, rebels, free-thinkers.  Anyone who’s a bit ‘alternative’.

behind the bar of Neuadd Arms - proof that this is the official HQ of MRLP

Which is probably why I joined the Monster Raving Loony Party as my alter ego, Lady Lily the Pink, soon after moving here and discovering my home is in the town where Screaming Lord Sutch played his last ever gig and also the place where the party has its Brecknockshire H/Q.  One day I shall stand for parliament …but that’s a future story.

Ffloyd and I will be on the 2014 Pink Car Rally raising money for The Little Princess Trust

I also own a 1968 Hillman Husky, it’s now magnificently sprayed in a stunning magenta pink, and called Ffloyd.  Ffloyd after the band and the double “eff” in honour of my Welsh home.

Recently she and I began working together raise money for charities. In 2014 we took part in The Pink Car Rally (now an annual event).John went pink after I hit the £1000 mark but vowed "no bleach ever again"

Predominantly, I enjoy the fact that driving around in Ffloyd brings a smile to pretty much everyone’s face and leads me into random conversations with complete strangers.

raising awareness of the 2 year anniversary of the temporary lights

raising awareness of the 2 year anniversary of the temporary lights

I consider myself a bit of an activist, possibly an antagonist.  I like to stand up and be counted when I feel people are wronged.  I like to ‘advocate’ for those who feel they don’t have a voice.  As such I often find myself in ‘hot water’ or in the local press for making a noise about local issues when, perhaps, the public servants would prefer everyone to keep quiet!.  Anyway, I’m sure my blogs will cover some of these antics…

winner!I do, of course, happen to live in the most eccentric town in the UK; also the smallest.  A happy coincidence (some would say ‘fated’).  Llanwrtyd Wells invented Bog Snorkelling; Man v Horse Marathon; Mountain Bike Chariot Racing; to name but a few.  It also created the World Alternative Games… gathering eccentric pastimes from around the world together bi-annually to the benefit of the community, the amusement of the world and the interest of the press.  I take my hat of to the great characters and the wonderful personalities you will no doubt read about here

I’m planning to “ramble on”, with rose-tinted ramblings on anything that takes my fancy.  Mostly relating to pinkness, looniness, eccentric activities and adventures with Ffloyd.   But being driven to advocate for those with quieter voices you may find the odd ‘rant’ amongst the rosy glow.

Give it a go…. read some of my past posts…sign up for the future ones….you never know what you’re going to get

Really really red
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